Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Haven't Painted in a While?

I'm happy to say that it looks as though interest in tole and decorative painting is regaining its popularity.

Granted the days of really "cute" stuff may be passé for many of us, but art making remains people's choice hobby.

As some of you know, I dabble in many forms of art for self-expression. There is not a surface that passes before my eyes that doesn't get scrutinized for possibilities.

Lately I've been drawn to my collection of 500+ older decorative painting books. All are for sale at deeply discounted prices... but I was attracted to some of the projects from the past.

And y'know? I was charmed and excited all over again.

Many of these older designs are ageless. They're classic. So even though I'm not keeping all my older books, I did keep a few. Some of the projects did not appeal to me back then but they sure do now!

If you'd like to re-ignite your passion for painting, why not sort through your magazines and books. Pick a project and just paint! Like this lovely angel project by Linda Lock!

Paint with all your heart!!

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